Vinyl Council unveils new PVC recycling plan for Australia

PVC Recovery In Hospitals recycling bin collections
The Vinyl Council of Australia (VCA) recently launched its new recycling strategy with the aim of boosting PVC sustainability across the country.

The VCA developed its plan for recycling PVC after consulting with members, industry and government, and following the ReSource Summit in late 2015. It is designed to shape the VCA’s and manufacturing and retail sectors’ activities, and to support and stimulate growth in more environmentally-responsible PVC recycling practices in Australia.

PVC is the third most commonly used polymer in Australia and is recyclable. Despite this, data shows little is recovered, mainly because most PVC is used in durable products, such as banners, and less so in packaging.

The strategy focuses on two particular elements, Collaboration and End Markets.

A statement from VCA said: “As the strategy states, there is ‘no recycling without an end market’. And changing from landfill to recycling habits and systems is not possible without collaboration ‘working with willing partners’.”

“The VCA thanks all those who contribute to the success of PVC recycling in Australia and looks forward to working with many to achieve the actions for improved results for Australia’s recycling rate, productivity and manufacturing future.”

Those with an interest in PVC recovery and recycling can contact VCA Recycling Strategy Manager Helen Millicer for further details.

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