Visy launches Australian-made retail paper bag

Visy paper bag

The move away from single use plastic continues to move apace, with Visy launching an Australian-made retail paper bag, that is recyclable through kerbside recycle bins.

The new heavy-weight bags — made from thicker paper containing recycled content— are being made at Visy’s manufacturing plant in Reservoir in Melbourne’s north and are rolling out in retail stores across Australia.

The new paper bags are a win for shoppers who care about their environmental impact said Fiona Macleod, Visy’s General Manager Strategic Retail.

“Our recyclable paper bags are a more sustainable back-up for when you’ve forgotten your own reusable bags at home or need an extra one at checkout,” Macleod said.

“By using Australian paper and manufacturing the paper bags locally, we’re supporting local jobs in Australia and reducing our reliance on single-use plastic.

“Once you’re done with your paper shopping bags, throw them in the recycle bin and we’ll turn them into new products.”

The bags also carry a Forestry Stewardship Council certification—a mark of environmental integrity, which shows Visy’s fibre is responsibly sourced.

Visy partners with councils across Australia to process about 40 per cent of Australia’s kerbside recycling bins.

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