Visy to install advanced paper recycling technology through RMF

Visy will partner with the Victorian and Federal Governments to install one of the world’s most advanced paper recycling technologies at its manufacturing hub in Coolaroo, Melbourne.

The $37 million investment in a drum pulping system, which eliminates contaminates like plastics from the waste paper stream, will work to transform Victoria’s recycling and remanufacturing landscape and keep more discarded paper out of local landfills.

According to Visy Executive Chairman Anthony Pratt, the technology will more than double Visy’s paper and cardboard kerbside recycling capacity in Victoria by 95,000 to 180,000 tonnes per year. 

“Installing drum pulping technology will ensure there will always be a home for Victoria’s kerbside paper and cardboard,” he said. 

The project will see the Victorian and Federal Governments each invest $12 million into the project under the Recycling Modernisation Fund, with Visy investing $13 million.

“This is part of my pledge in February to invest $2 billion in recycling and manufacturing jobs in Australia over the next decade,” Pratt said. 

Earlier this month, Visy also announced another pledge project – a $35 million upgrade of its Laverton glass recycling centre.

That initiative is part of the company’s drive to increase the recycled glass content of its bottles from 33 to 70 per cent. 

The Coolaroo investment also paves the way for the implementation of Australia’s waste export bans, which will see mixed paper banned from export from June 30, 2024.

The additional paper will be recycled and remanufactured into ready to use recycled paper for cardboard boxes for Victorian farmers, fast moving consumer goods and lining for plasterboard.

The project will also mean more well-paying, green-collar recycling and remanufacturing jobs for Victorians, and is expected to employ approximately 100 workers during construction.

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