WMAA Maintains Momentum With WA Meetings

WMAA positions waste as an essential service in meetings with WA Environment Minister and Department of Environmental Regulation (DER) Director General.

WMAA CEO Martin Tolar and its WA Branch President, Rebecca Brown, sat down with the WA Environment Minister, Albert Jacob, and the DER Director General, Jason Banks, to discuss a range of issues affecting the WA waste and resource recovery industry.

The Minister met with Mr Tolar and Ms Brown before tabling the Waste Avoidance and Resource Recovery (WARR) Act Review report in Parliament on Wednesday afternoon (21 October).

Mr Tolar said they were pleased to hear the Minister say that there were no surprises for the waste industry in the report.

“WMAA prepared a submission to the review earlier this year, and the Branch Committee will now await the delivery of the report into the public arena in order to assess the ‘wins’ for our members,” Mr Tolar said.

During their meeting, Mr Jacob expressed interest in the development of a national end of waste standard. WMAA said this builds on his recent announcement of a $10 million incentive scheme to increase local government use of recycled construction and demolition material in civil works projects.

During their meeting, the DER Director General told WMAA that it had an important role in facilitating industry engagement on regulatory reform and other issues. Mr Banks also acknowledged the need for a stronger connection between waste and infrastructure planning.

“WMAA is positioning waste as an essential service in all state infrastructure planning,” added WMAA’s CEO. “The DER seat on the WA Planning Commission, through Mr Banks, provides our industry with the necessary avenue to ensure this is a fundamental feature of planning in WA.”

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