WA Government opens discussion paper on CDS

The Western Australian Government has launched a community discussion paper for the state’s Container Deposit Scheme.

Public feedback will be sought on the design of the scheme, which is based on a refund amount of 10 cents to align with other jurisdictions. The refund will be paid for each eligible, empty beverage container – including 150 millilitre to three litre soft drink bottles and cans, bottled waters, flavoured milks, sports drinks, beer cans and spirit-based mixes.

As many as 500 jobs are predicted to be created once the scheme is up and running, through its administration, collection points and delivery of recycled goods.

Beverage containers account for 35 per cent of the volume of all litter in WA, but the government predicts the scheme will start reducing litter by 2019.

By contrast, in South Australia – where a scheme has been in place for 40 years – beverage containers account for 17 per cent of the litter stream.

The discussion paper is available at

Comments on the scheme must be submitted by Monday, October 23.

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