WA Govt allocates almost $100K to fly farm organic waste project

The Western Australian Government has allocated $97,039 to Broome’s Waste Not Food Recycling business to support its plans to establish a black soldier fly farm for organic waste recovery.

Under the proposal, organic waste would be collected, processed and fed to fly larvae, upcycling it into protein for feed and fertiliser products.

According to Regional Development Minister Alannah MacTiernan, the project will help reduce organic waste going to landfill in Broome, create a protein product for the local pastoral and aquaculture industries, provide an organic fertiliser to improve degraded soils and drive local jobs in the Kimberley.

MacTiernan said that if successful, the project could provide a model for organic waste management across Australia’s north.

Waste Not Food Recycling was founded by Broome’s Lauren Bell, runner-up in the 2020 WA AgriFutures Rural Women’s Award.

“While not exactly glamorous, fly farming presents a fantastic opportunity to turn our organic waste into high-value products and local jobs,” MacTiernan said.

“Imaginative WA women like Lauren are seeing insect farming can create ingenious answers for waste management and sustainable protein manufacturing.”

The project is being supported through the state government’s Regional Economic Development Grants.

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