WA injects $20M into FOGO

The Western Australian Government has announced $20 million in funding over six years to support local governments transition to better practice three-bin FOGO kerbside services.

According to Environment Minister Stephen Dawson, local governments are now eligible to apply for funding of up to $25 for each household receiving a three-bin FOGO collection service through the Better Bins Plus: Go FOGO program.

“Funding can be used to offset the costs of providing kitchen caddies and compostable liners, and implementing community education and engagement programs to support the rollout of high performing FOGO services,” he said.

“I encourage local governments and their communities to get behind this program, apply for funding for FOGO services and support our move towards more consistent and better performing waste management services.”

Local governments that have already accessed Better Bins funding of $30 per household can access an additional $15 per household.

Mr Dawson said while many Western Australian households already have access to a three‑bin system through the Better Bins program, in most cases, the organics bin is for garden waste only.

“High performing three bin FOGO services can achieve recovery rates of more than 65 per cent and make the single biggest contribution to achieving the waste strategy material recovery targets for municipal solid waste,” he said.

“Recycling can support around three times the number of jobs compared to waste disposal, and, as identified by the City of Melville, FOGO can reduce local government waste management costs.”

The state government will also support the FOGO rollout with new composting facility guidelines, establishing a reference group to provide advice on rollout issues and licensing new composting operations that can safely receive materials.

Applications for funding allocated in 2020-21 will close July 10.

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