WA waste levy to increase

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Perth councils are being encouraged to divert waste from landfill, with the waste levy to increase from July 2024.

The levy is imposed on waste disposed to landfill in Perth or on waste generated in Perth and disposed of elsewhere in the state.

Western Australia’s waste levy rate will be $85 per tonne from 1 July 2024. It is the first increase to the levy since 2018 with a catch-up rise in line with inflation.

Reece Whitby, Environment Minister, said the levy rise was a necessary catch-up. The 2024 introduction date will give local governments and industry time to plan for the change.

“We need to reduce, reuse and recycle and the waste levy helps to discourage sending recoverable materials to landfill,” Whitby said.

“We’re ultimately striving for a low-waste, sustainable state. Landfill should always be the last resort, and this is an important step towards achieving our recovery targets.”

The role of the levy will be further considered in a review of WA’s 2030 Waste Strategy. The State Government will also consult later in 2023 with businesses and the community on a proposal to expand the levy boundary into regional areas.

A rolling five-year schedule of levy rates will be published periodically to reflect changes and encourage early adoption of preferred waste recovery options.

The decision on the levy follows a review by the Department of Water and Environmental Regulation. A summary of the review is available at: www.consult.dwer.wa.gov.au

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