Warrnambool uses 60 tonnes of recycled glass in latest road works

The equivalent of 300,000 glass bottles have been used in Warrnambool City Council’s latest road works.

Council’s Annual Road Rehabilitation Program saw 60 tonnes of recycled glass used as aggregate in the foam bitumen, the primer seal and the asphalt overlay.

The foam bitumen and asphalt overlay also used 10 per cent recycled asphalt product.

Additionally, the asphalt layer of the road surfaces worked on was salvaged to be re-used by council on future roads and footpath projects.

Warrnambool City Council Director City Infrastructure David Leahy said that glass was a valuable resource with multiple uses in construction projects.

“We saw with the recent recycling crisis that there was a real shortage of avenues for resources like glass to be recycled in Australia,” he said.

“With kerbside glass collections to roll out to all households in the coming months, and businesses such as Wheelie Waste investing significantly in glass processing, we will see more and more glass being recycled, crushed, and re-used locally.

“Projects like this are great examples of a recycling loop in action.”

Council successfully trialled kerbside glass collections at 3300 properties in early 2020, before committing to introduce the glass-only bins to all households.

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