WA’s Containers for Change sees 10 million returns

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Western Australians have returned more than 10 million containers since the state’s container deposit scheme, Containers for Change, launched 1 October.

According to Environment Minister Stephen Dawson, Western Australians have made almost 50,000 visits to Containers for Change refund points, cashing in an average 200 beverage containers per visit.

“Every container returned means one more that is recycled, reducing litter, reducing landfill, and contributing to a more sustainable environment,” he said.

“Ninety-seven per cent of Western Australians wanted this scheme and it’s great to see so many using it so quickly.”

More than $1 million has been paid out to Western Australians participating in the scheme, with more than $30,000 donated to community groups and charities via container donations.

“The flow-on effect from Containers for Change is the real reward – a cleaner environment, jobs for more than 680 people, some change in pockets, and a much-needed funding boost for dozens of hard-working community groups, social enterprises and charities,” Dawson said.

Aluminium has been the most returned material, making up 56 per cent of returned containers, followed by glass at 22 per cent and PET plastic at 19 per cent.

The scheme is expected to recycle an additional 6.6 billion containers over the next 20 years.

“Without Containers for Change, it is estimated 5.9 billion of these containers would have ended up in landfill and 706 million would have been littered,” Dawson said.

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