Waste Less, Recycle More funded to 2021

Encouraging recycling of organics and general recyclables is key to Waste Less, Recycle More
The NSW Government has committed to invest $337 million from 2017 to 2021 in litter reduction and waste management projects across the state under the Waste Less, Recycle More program.

NSW Environment Minister Mark Speakman announced the funding to continue the initiative on 14 October. This forms part of the government’s preparations to deal with the forecasted 159% increase in waste and litter generated by a population of 9.9 million by 2036.

The first phase of Waste Less, Recycle More funding and programs will finish on 30 June next year, and the second phase starting on 1 July 2017, with funding and grants available until 2021. More than 800 projects have been supported by the fund to date.

The 2017-2021 funding includes:
– $30 million for litter reduction programs
– $35.5 million for organics infrastructure and resource recovery projects
– $88.5 million for resource recovery infrastructure
– $57 million for household problem waste programs, including $37 million for community recycling centre collections and processing
– $70 million for councils’ waste and resource recovery projects
– $65 million to combat illegal dumping.

Speaking to Waste Management Review about the NSW Government’s continued funding of organics recycling programs, AORA Executive Officer Peter McLean said: “Looking at the detail, it is great news for organics recycling in NSW. There is a 50 per cent increase in funding from the last round to this round on market development grants, which is incredibly important.

“We have seen investment in infrastructure and product quality, but it’s important that we now focus on market development and creating the ‘pull’ factors to move such a beneficial product in existing and new markets.

“There is also a strong commitment to local governments for collection of organic resources, so this ensures that more and more councils will adopt garden and food organics collection systems,” he added.

Details of the extended Waste Less, Recycle More 2017-21 program extension have been published in an e-brochure, while further information is on the NSW EPA website.

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