Waste Levy exemption granted for NSW waste facilities

The waste levy exemption has been extended for mixed waste facilities transitioning to organics in NSW.

Four Alternative Waste Treatment facilities are transitioning to other sustainable resource recovery methods using organics waste.

The levy exemption extension has been approved for a further 12 months for mixed waste organic outputs produced at the Suez Kemps Creek facility, Suez Port Stephens facility at Raymond Terrace, Veolia facility at Tarago, and Eastern Creek Operations facility.

EPA CEO Tracy Mackey said the extension will waive the current levy, as the aforementioned sites transition away from material to organic recycling.

“This additional 12-month extension was based on these sites being able to demonstrate that they are transitioning to more sustainable resource recovery outcomes,” Mackay said.

“It is great to see these four operators are adopting new practices.”

The exemption for the Biomass Solutions facility in Coffs Harbour has not been extended, meaning the waste levy will apply to mixed waste processed at the facility.

“Biomass has not demonstrated sufficient progress or intent to transition to more sustainable resource recovery outcomes, which are necessary to achieving a positive long-term environmental outcome,” Mackay said.

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