Waste paint and batteries next targets for regulation

End of life batteries
The Department of the Environment (DoE) has published the annual list of classes of products the Environment Minister is proposing to consider during this financial year for accreditation or regulation under the Product Stewardship Act 2011.

The 2015-16 product list features two items: waste architectural and decorative paint, and end-of-life batteries weighing under 5 kilograms.

Waste paint is often cited as the highest volume component of household hazardous waste collections. Similarly, it has been estimated that only 5 per cent of the end-of-life batteries produced every year are recycled.

Both waste paint and end-of-life batteries contain hazardous substances, which may harm the environment if they are not effectively managed. Their disposal commonly involves a cost to governments.

The DoE sees the potential to reduce impacts on the environment through the increased collection and recycling of these products.

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