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Greentech Industries WasteStation

The WasteStation from Greentech Industries
The WasteStation range offers full disposal for all organic materials, recycling organic waste into an odourless, bacteria-free dry compost fertiliser.

User-friendly and not requiring water, additives, drainage, ventilation or cleaning, operators need to simply plug in the WasteStation and fill it with organics. The technology sees the waste recycled in a sealed environment with no harmful effects to air quality for staff or customers.

The residue is EPA-approved as a beneficial product that will enhance the environment with output far below current levels for soil contaminants.

Due to their hygienic construction and process, organics may be placed directly inside. As the process is clean and odour free, companies can locate them within food preparation areas, loading docks, or to create efficient, safe waste collection areas for staff and customers.

This means less foot traffic by recycling at source (for example, in food preparation areas), and they do away with the nuisance of putrid skip bins, which in turn prevents vermin and insects.

The machines are available in a variety of sizes to cater to the requirements of different food processing and hospitality businesses.

The WS-10 is the smallest in the range. Measuring 78cm wide, 69cm high and 83cm long, it is a compact unit but can still process 20kg of organics per day. At the other end of the scale, the WS-4T is the largest model. This unit can handle 40 tonnes of organics weekly, but is just 3.2 metres wide by 3.0 metres high and 7.6 in length. Depending on the model, the machines provide complete degradation of organics in between three and eight hours.

The machines offer a 40:1 volume reduction of waste, 97 per cent recycling rate and are accredited for EPA grants.

Greentech does not incur a waste disposal levy, further reducing costs to business.

WasteStation machines recycle organic waste at source, thereby reducing staff handling, foot traffic and missed collections. Greentech also undertakes the machine servicing, removing any waste residue, leaving staff free to work on other tasks.


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