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WATM Cranes extends its reach with HIAB Multilift

WATM cranes

When you combine a globally recognised heavy machinery manufacturer with a distribution and service centre that has built its reputation on reliability, you know you’re on a winner. 

WATM Crane Sales and Service in Western Australia has spent the past 48 years supplying the state with high quality products and services.

In 1997 WATM became the exclusive distributor for HIAB, which encompasses the Multilift and Moffett brands, providing local industries with cranes, truck-mounted fork lifts, hooklifts and skiploaders.

Anthony Lazenby, WATM Managing Director, says HIAB equipment is known for its resilience in tough working conditions.

“They’re a very robust, reliable product,” he says. “HIAB, established in 1944, is known for its safety, technology, experience and serviceability.

“You can confidently buy a HIAB Multilift Hooklift from WATM today knowing that you are buying from a strong, sustainable business that’s around for the long haul.”

WATM cranes

Stephen Molloy, WATM Sales Executive, says HIAB Multilift hooklifts and skiploaders offer smart control systems and a variety of options to suit load handling challenges.

Digital HiVision technology combines external cameras and sensors with in-cabin viewing technology and controls, meaning safety and productivity are not compromised. Obstacle detection software minimises the risk of injury or damage to equipment.

“The operator has complete vision of the external environment and can manoeuvre the truck and hooklift precisely into place, all from the safety of the cabin,” Stephen says.

“Using 3D technology and touch screen controls, the driver can smoothly and quickly attach a load and drive away in a fraction of the time of traditional methods.”

Additional control system equipment includes a warning buzzer inside the control box that indicates when the body locks open or the middle frame is not down. There’s also an emergency stop, friction relief with middle frame body rollers and automatic sequence control. 

A pneumatic hook latch can be controlled with the cabin controller or with the radio controller for safe, easy and fast operation.

While durability and reliability of the product is important to WATM, another key aspect of the company’s service is the after sales support. Anthony says WATM has spare parts valued at more than $3.5million in stock and a support team available seven days a week, 24-hours a day right across Western Australia.

“We understand the nature of the waste industry and that downtime costs money,” he says. “We also understand the tyranny of distance and work toward solving a problem as efficiently as possible. We believe we are the only company in this space to have the capability to send technicians anywhere in the state overnight if need be.

“All our technicians are experienced in resolving issues. We understand you need to have the right person, the spare part and the capability to fix a problem. They’re not mutually exclusive.”

WATM has worked with HIAB to ship hooklifts and skiploaders direct to WA rather than send them to Melbourne first. A move, Stephen says, that will reduce the price point for customers.

“WATM is always striving for the most competitive solutions and reliability of stock as we navigate the current challenging global supply chain,” Stephen says. “WATM has also been in negotiations around further reducing pricing in WA, understanding that it’s a price sensitive market. Combined with HIAB’s class-leading two-year warranty on all parts and five years on steel, it’s hard not to look past the HIAB Multilift.”

It’s all part of extending WATM’s reach into the waste industry.

“Waste management in Western Australia is getting bigger and bigger,” Stephen says. 

“We’ve been in the waste market but feel it’s time to branch out in a strong way.  When customers think of waste management equipment, we want them to think of us.”  

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