Webinar: unlocking the benefits of Mandalay’s Facility Product Suite

Webinar: unlocking the benefits of Mandalay’s Facility Product Suite

In an upcoming webinar, Mandalay Technologies will explore the common considerations when reviewing facility software and the benefits waste facilities can gain from its Facility Product Suite.

Held 21 July, Mandalay CEO Simon Kalinowski and Head of Customer Rosemary Black will discuss a number of key challenges, why they matter and how Mandalay can help organisations overcome them.

Mandalay’s Facility Product Suite is a cloud-based solution offering an interface to process transactions, capture data at manned and un-manned facilities and record data according to both state-based and national regulatory requirements.

“At the same time, the system provides admin and management teams with the ability to access and manage data across multiple facilities and locations,” Black told Waste Management Review.

“Working in conjunction with Mandalay’s range of extension products, waste data can be transformed into powerful information.”

Topics of discussion will include the role of useful, accurate and accessible data, pain points such as facility software needing to comply with regulatory requirements, and the pitfalls of manually entering data into financial systems.

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