Worming away at waste: Lincom Group

A recent equipment investment with Lincom Group is set to support Wormtech’s commitment to high-quality organic products.

Worms, commonly known as nature’s recyclers, are effective at converting organic materials into liquid and solid fertiliser. When they tunnel down, worms aerate the soil to provide better water penetration, while simultaneously feeding on decaying plant matter and micro-organisms.

While much of Australia’s composting industry has moved beyond the humble earthworm, NSW-based business Wormtech is committed to keeping the tradition alive – using a combination of worms and open windrow composting to produce its range of organic products.

Started by Adrian and Deanne Raccanello in 2010, Wormtech has over 20 years hands on experience in farming and growing crops in NSW’s Riverina region.

After years of using chemical fertilisers, the company decided to incorporate natural fertilisers into its farming practices, with the increase in quality, production and overall plant and soil health notable from the outset.

Since then, Wormtech has grown significantly, with its Carrathool Composting Facility now in the process of expanding its 50,000 tonne per year capacity to 100,000 tonnes.

In addition to Wormtech’s capacity expansion, the company is in the final commercialisation stages of developing a granule, and will be entering the retail market in March – with its 100 per cent organic worm casting to be sold on Bunnings shelves.

“I’m a farmer and Wormtech started at the back gate making compost before starting to receive waste,” Adrian Raccanello says.

“We pride ourselves on our end product. That’s the core of our business.”

To support Wormtech’s accelerated growth, Raccanello invested in a Pronar MRW 2.85G Slow Speed Shredder and Kiverco PS122 Picking Station in July last year, both purchased through leading equipment supplier Lincom Group.

“The Pronar is the best shredder I’ve ever had. It’s a small, compact unit and is easily accessible for maintenance,” Raccanello says.

The Pronar shredder comes equip with a 298-kilowatt diesel engine, with shredding performed by two synchronously running shredding shafts in the working chamber. Working parts are manufactured with wear-resistant materials, which ensure long and trouble-free machine operations.

An important advantage of the machine is its mobility, or the ability to be quickly transported to any place.

“It’s a well-priced machine and the set up and simplicity is great,” Raccanello says.

“Plus, the backup service from Lincom is second to none.”

The Kiverco Picking Station offers similar simplicity, combining air separation, magnetic separation and manual sorting in one compact unit.

Integrated air separation works to produce a clean product, while the magnetic separators recover ferrous materials.

The picking station features a variable speed 1200-millimetre-wide picking belt, as well as a pre-wired plug and play design.

All components come with various options and configurations, offering operators maximum flexibility to obtain a bespoke solution for their waste handling needs.

Both machines have been running exceptionally well Raccanello says.

He adds, however, that Lincom’s servicing and aftersales support is the real standout.

Lincom has been distributing Pronar and Kiverco equipment since 2017, and with over 25 years’ experience as a leading provider of material processing equipment, takes pride in building strong relationships with its valued customers.

To support this, Lincom maintain an online parts inventory database for all its locations and can access real-time information and locate parts in every branch in the country.

“We’re located 600 kilometres west of Sydney, and service out here has always been hard. But that’s not the case with Lincom,” Raccanello says.

“If we have a problem, no matter how small or large it is, they’re onto it. They have been more than helpful on that side. Nothing is too hard for them.”

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