WRIQ encourages participants to take part in regulator survey

Waste Recycling Industry Association of Queensland (WRIQ) – Queensland’s peak body representing businesses that deliver waste and resource recovery services to Queensland – is calling on anyone working in the industry to take part in its biennial regulator survey.

According to Mark Smith, WRIQ CEO, the Queensland waste and resource recovery sector provides world class infrastructure and services in the areas of waste, processing, recycling and disposal.

“It’s important that businesses working in our sector provide feedback to improve how the sector is regulated, especially coming into a state election in October and a period of economic stimulus, from what I expect to be all levels of government in Australia,” Smith said.

Recent data sets from the Queensland Government show Queensland generates 10.9 million tonnes of waste across households, commercial, industrial, construction, hazardous and liquid materials each year.

The Queensland waste and resource recovery employs over 12,000 Queenslanders and indirectly supports over 1500 Queensland businesses.

“It is an essential component of the Queensland economy,” Smith said.

He added that as the sector’s significance and role in society is evolving, it’s important to ensure WRIQ is driving that evolution in a positive direction.

“We effectively link to every key aspect of life, from hospitals, the education sector, mining, tourism, retail, hospitality, as well as households,” Smith said.

He explains that government data sets show the sector is now managing almost one million more tonnes of waste than what was recorded in a WRIQ study two years ago.

“What this demonstrates is the direct link between our growth and the populations we service,” Smith said.

“If we are to grow and develop successfully, we need to make sure the regulations that govern our sector and provide confidence to government and the community are fit for purpose.

“And this survey provides the Queensland industry with an opportunity to contribute their own experience to drive improvements”

The survey is open until 19 June, to partake click here.

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