WRIQ launches group energy procurement tender

The Waste and Recycling Industry Association of Queensland (WRIQ) has announced the launch of its first dedicated group energy procurement tender for members.

Launched in conjunction with fellow association, Timber Queensland, and run by Choice Energy, the group energy procurement tender will directly assist Queensland members leverage the power of group buying for their electricity contracts.

“It’s been an interesting year for businesses in our sector and we’re proud to offer this cost-saving opportunity,” WRIQ CEO Mark Smith said.

“A lot is asked of our members. We’ve seen a dramatic increase in the cost of doing business in Queensland.

“I see these initiatives by WRIQ providing tangible bottom-line benefits and savings for business, while also contributing to a more resilient sector.”

A group energy procurement tender involves negotiating competitive rates by optimising the group buying power of a collection of electricity business contracts and taking them to market.

Typically, this activity results in better energy agreement opportunities for all parties.

“Group procurement isn’t something new. In fact, we’ve seen some councils engage in group procurements for the provision of waste services,” Smith said.

“We’re offering the same model, but this time it’s our members that are going to be receiving the benefits.”

According to Choice Energy CEO Christopher Dean, energy costs are a significant challenge for waste businesses, especially those in Queensland, which is home to some of the most expensive network tariffs nationally and one of the most complex energy markets.

“While the National Electricity Market remains quite low in comparison to 12 months ago, it provides the perfect opportunity for businesses to take advantage of the group buy and very low rates,” he said.

“We look forward to working with WRIQ to help leverage group power to secure members competitive energy rates.”

Choice Energy recently helped 41 member hotels of the Australian Hotels Association (SA) save an additional 15 per cent on the total contracted agreements than if secured on an individual basis.

Choice Energy also has a long history supporting the waste and recycling industry, working alongside the Victorian Waste Management Association and now WRIQ, and having assisted businesses including Recycal, Replas, Bucher Municipal and WM Waste Management to reduce their costs and footprint.

A webinar will be held on Tuesday 4 May to provide more information about the group procurement.

“There is no cost to register interest, there is no obligation to proceed. As such, I encourage any business that recognises the opportunities with this initiative to register for our free webinar in early May,” Smith said.

Registering interest in the group procurement closes on Friday 14 May 2021. Contact memberservices@wriq.com.au for more information.

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