Yarra City council to separate waste services from general rates

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Yarra City council is the latest council in Victoria to separate the cost of providing waste services from general rates.

Beginning in 2023-24, City of Yarra rates notices will show charges such as general rates, public waste service rate and kerbside waste service rate.

According to Yarra City Council, the decision to separate waste service charges from general rates was made to manage the financial risks caused by escalating costs. The council said the cost of providing waste services has been impacted by an increase to the Victorian Government’s waste levy of 90 per cent over the past three years.

Properties that do not receive a kerbside waste collection service from Yarra City Council will not be charged the kerbside waste service rate.

In the first year, 86 per cent of properties are expected to incur an increase of between $12 and $115 on the annual rates notice due to the change. For the remaining 14 per cent of properties, rates are expected to rise or fall depending on property value.

No changes were made to kerbside collections as part of council’s decision.

Council will also introduce a standardised four-stream bin service, including food and garden organics (FOGO) service by 2030.

For more detailed information, visit yoursayyarra.com.au


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