ZenRobotics delivers new waste sorting system

E-waste recycling

Finish robotic technology developer ZenRobotics will deliver a new robotic waste sorting system to Melbourne waste management firm Sunshine Groupe.

Waste Management World reported the three-armed ZenRobotics Recycler units (ZRR3) would be the first of its kind in Australia, which will be fully operational by spring 2017.

Sunshine Group told the publication it had been investing its funds in a bid to become one of Melbourne’s primary waste processors.

“We believe that through changed thinking and innovative technology, wastes can be transformed into valuable resources. We will achieve this by challenging conventional waste practices and by looking for new and innovative technologies to recycle waste,” explained Tom Buxton, Director at Sunshine Groupe.

Sunshine Groupe installed a material recycling facility (MRF) at its Brooklyn landfill and recovery site through a partnership with Sustainability Victoria.

The facility has been used by the Melbourne company to better identify resources from the 120,000 tonnes per annum waste stream to be repurposed and reused for other materials.

Once the waste is sorted, it will be transferred to the robotic material sorting plant.

ZenRobotics explained that the ZRR3 will use precision sensors and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to sort specific material types from the waste stream.

Robots in Waste’s Jim Duncan told Waste Management World the Australian market looks very promising for the technology.

“It is exciting for Robots in Waste to have the Sunshine Groupe project finally close to completion as there are many companies that are aware of this significant development and are watching with interest,” he said.

“Because of the sheer size of our country we will have people flying across the continent to see the ZRR3 in action. Such is the interest in the system.”


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