Latest Waste News

Christmas gift waste

Christmas gift waste expected to top $900 million

More than six million Australians expect to receive presents they will not use or wear and the bulk of these …

Waste award winners lead the way

The 2023 Waste Innovation and Recycling Awards honoured experienced companies and newcomers to the industry, and provided organisations an opportunity …
reduce greenhouse gas emissions

Pulp mill waste to soil reduces greenhouse gas emissions

Pulp mill waste destined for landfill could be useful as an organic fertiliser to help reduce the greenhouse gas emissions …
Subway catering platter

Subway ditches plastic for recyclable catering platter

Global sandwich chain Subway will remove 26 garbage trucks full of plastic from the environment each year through the design …
solar-powered tracker

Geotab launches solar-powered asset tracker

The Geotab Inc solar-powered asset tracker TT600 series by Positioning Universal Inc (PUI) is now available on the Geotab Marketplace …

M&J shredder plays key role in transition to circular economy

The M&J 4000M shredder’s reputation is built on heavy-duty strength and reliability. It continues to play a key role in …
rmit waste technology

RMIT tech turns waste into biochar

New technology developed by RMIT that turns waste into reusable goods for energy and agricultural applications is a step closer …

Waste management in action

glass recycling plant

ResourceCo opens new glass recycling plant

ResourceCo is taking on previously unrecyclable waste with a new multi-million-dollar recycling facility in South Australia. 
organics recycling circular economy

Repurpose It creates circular economy with organics recycling

Repurpose It is using organics recycling to highlight the benefits of a circular economy, while encouraging Victorians to live with …
waste shredding

Komptech CEA Terminator shreds the toughest waste

Slow-speed shredders play a critical role in the waste management sector. With their rugged design and adaptability, the Komptech CEA Terminator …
chemical storage

Polymaster sets standard in wastewater, chemical storage

Storing wastewater and other hazardous chemicals is not a market opportunity for the faint of heart. Getting it wrong can …
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Up front

tony khoury career

Tony Khoury reflects on waste career

containers for change at shopping centres
The Sentinel VISION AI can be attached to most landfill machinery and equipment.

Intelligent risk mitigation


capelletto anniversary

KOR attends Cappellotto anniversary

packaging awards
women in industry award

Women In Industry Awards return to Sydney

Last Word

plastic pollution myths

The Last Word: Busting plastic pollution myths

Mike Ritchie, Managing Director MRA Consulting Group, explains why stopping plastic pollution is a four-legged chair – better recycling, bans, …
waste industry fire

Waste industry draws fire

Victorian Waste Management Association Executive Officer Brett Lemin talks about the importance of industry being aware of its obligations and equipped with the knowledge to prevent …
litter prevention

Cigarette butts: Waste or resource?

Shannon Mead, Executive Director, No More Butts Ltd asks is recycling cigarette butts a waste of time, or a waste …

WRIWA reviews state strategy

Waste and Recycling Industry Association of Western Australia President Mike Harper reviews the state’s Waste Avoidance and Resource Recovery Strategy 2030 and the impact …
recycling fund

Regulation needed to advance circular economy

Recycling is one link in the circular economy – but it’s the link that closes the loop. Suzanne Toumbourou, CEO …